Energía limpia para cuidar nuestro Planeta

Clean energy to take care of our Planet

Isolation Photovoltaic System

The isolated photovoltaic systems of CANTARRANA are designed to meet the real needs of customers. A careful study of loads and consumption times that result in an adequate and optimized system to cover the needs and ensure a profitable investment.


Isolated systems consist of:

- Photovoltaic Modules: Panels composed of high performance photovoltaic cells in monocrystalline and polycrystalline versions, generate electricity by the incidence of solar rays. New technologies have increased the power of these panels to get 190Wp in panels of 60 cells and up to 345Wp panels of 72 cells. And it is expected to raise this power even more, with the implementation of new manufacturing techniques.

- Solar Regulator: It is in charge of controlling the charge of the battery where the energy is stored in order to use it when we need it. With the appearance of MPPT controllers we can connect series of panels that work at higher voltages avoiding the use of larger diameter cables and supply the batteries with the optimum voltage according to their configuration 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 ... Vcc.

- Battery: The storage vessels are one of the essential parts of the isolated installation (Island) because without them we could not use energy and power when we needed it. There are different storage technologies, the most common and economical are the Acid / Lead batteries, although there are in the marked batteries of GEL and Lithium that have better performance and are free of maintenance.

- Inverter, Inverter / Charger and Inverter / Charger / Controller. The inverter is the device responsible for transforming the energy stored in batteries into useful energy for household appliances. Being able to transform into 115 or 220V depending on the need. Nowadays there is a wide range of products with other functions such as:

to. Battery Charger: With the possibility of charging the batteries through an external electrical source, for example a gasoline or LPG electric plant for periods of lower solar radiation.

b. Integrated Regulator: Some equipment already have a charge regulator integrated in the equipment, avoiding external controllers for the battery.

c. Parallel Connection for Complex Electrical Systems: By means of interconnection cards several inverters can be installed creating more complex electrical systems such as Biphasic and Three-phase, to be able to use equipment of 115, 220 and / or 380 Vac indiscriminately.


CANTARRANA has extensive experience in the installation of equipment isolated from the electrical network, with the knowledge, tools and personnel suitable for the installation, and always backed by the appropriate technical design.