Energía limpia para cuidar nuestro Planeta

Clean energy to take care of our Planet

Interconection CFE System



The interconnection with the CFE, is to connect a power generator with the CFE network. This interconnection at the domestic and commercial level is done by connecting our electric generator with the installation of the home or business. Our electricity generation system, either photovoltaic panel or cogeneration boiler, will produce energy that we either consume in our home or return to the CFE, producing a balance in our favor.

CANTARRANA makes interconnection photovoltaic installations to the CFE, achieving savings of up to 90% on the bill. With a term of amortization of the investment that varies between 3 years for users who managed to change from DAC rate to tariff 1 and of 4 years for users with a high consumption (or with little space for the installation of panels) that remain in the high consumption rate (DAC).

We work with products of recognized prestige, with the following guarantees:

- 10 years warranty on any manufacturing defect of the solar panel.

- 10 years production guarantee over 90% of the effective power of the solar panel.

- 25 years of production guarantee over 80% of the effective power of the solar panel.

- 10 year warranty on any inverter operating defect.

- 2 years warranty on labor

In all cases, CANTARRANA issues a feasibility study of the interconnection installation, making a comparison between the consumption of the last 12 months with the projection of consumption once the solar panels are installed, in this way the annual savings are calculated and we verify the payback of the installation.

If you want to get an installation proposal and the feasibility study totally free, you can send a copy of your CFE invoice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp to the cellular number +521 (984) 164 31 38. With the information of the historical consumption that appears on your invoice, we perform an analysis of your needs, we prepare the proposal and the feasibility study.