Energía limpia para cuidar nuestro Planeta

Clean energy to take care of our Planet

Plumbing installations


We perform all types of plumbing, tubs, hot tubs, toilets, urinals, general taps,

swimming pools, and other construction work related to plumbing.



Also reforms of old facilities that we improved eliminating maintenance costs,

expensive repairs, etc ...

Aluminum Pergola

Derived from the need to create and modify aluminum structures to support the solar panels, we began to install high quality aluminum pergolas. Pergolas with screws completely hidden for a perfect finish.


Sometimes, and depending on the client's or the residential's requirements where we make our installations, these pergolas are reinforced in their main support with steel bars, which receive an antioxidant treatment and are lined with aluminum with the same finish.

Like the pergolas to support solar panels, we make decorative pergolas covered with glass or cellular polycarbonate. Pergolas in gardens or parking for cars.