Proyectos hidráulicos inteligentes

Intelligent hydraulic projects

Water Softeners

Water softeners eliminate lime and magnesium avoiding precipitation in pipes and appliances and thus avoiding costly breakdowns.

There are different equipment to soften water, some electromagnetic, but we rely more on chemical systems.

Our softeners have 100% demonstrable efficiency with simple chemical analysis. They are composed of a deposit with cationic resin to which the calcium and magnesium molecules adhere. Once the resin is saturated, the control valve passes brine through the resin to release the calcium and magnesium that it will subsequently send to drain. It is a simple process that will be carried out every 5 or 6 days depending on the hardness and volume of water consumption.


We have Supply of Salt in Bags of 20 and 50 Kg (Home Delivery from 100 Kg)

The CANTARRANA consultants carry out an analysis of the hardness of the water to perform a correct dimensioning of the softener. There is no limitation regarding the volume of water to be treated, except for the space occupied by the equipment, being able to make softeners for all kinds of uses, from small condos to full residential and hotels.