Proyectos hidráulicos inteligentes

Intelligent hydraulic projects

Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is the process by which the gradients of concentration in two fluids when taking contact are balanced. For example, if we have a container with two volumes of water separated by a permeable membrane. And we raise the salt concentration in one of the volumes, the osmosis process will make the water pass from the side with less concentration to the side of higher concentration to minimize the gradient.

The process that we need to perform to eliminate salt from water, is exactly the reverse of natural osmosis, through this process, we want to eliminate the concentration of salt on one side of the membrane. Therefore, being a process that is carried out against the natural balance of the concentrations, it required a work to be carried out. Or what is the same, a pressure pump that press the necessary force to pass the water through the membrane leaving behind the salt.

The reverse osmosis process requires a membrane so thin that it only allows the water molecule to pass through, leaving behind salt, bacteria and other minerals, producing purified water that is completely potable.


Various reverse osmosis systems can be found in the market, with disposable and disposable and washable membranes. Depending on the amount of purified water we need, one system or another can be installed. It is important that the user knows the advantages and disadvantages of the reverse osmosis system.


- Purified and potable water from any source

- Chemicals are not used for disinfection.


- You need a pressure pump and therefore energy

- For each liter of product water, discard 3 liters of salt water.

For these reasons it is very important to choose well the use for which we will have osmotized water. Although it is very comfortable, it does not make sense to osmotize all the drinking water of a house, because we would be wasting a lot of energy and water to use it showering, scrubbing the floor or cleaning the dishes.

A responsible use of energy and water, is to place the osmosis under the sink with an independent tap or in the cooling system of water and ice production of a domestic refrigerator. For the most profitable water that we can produce with osmosis is water for human consumption.

Another case are Hotels, Hospitals, Residential, etc ... the greater the osmosis system, the greater its efficiency. In addition to the need to have healthy water at all points of these buildings to avoid damage due to ignorance.