Energía limpia para cuidar nuestro Planeta

Clean energy to take care of our Planet

Our Company

CANTARRANA is a family business divided into several sections among which stand out; Solar Energy, Hydraulic Installations, Electricity, Structures and other services related to the Maintenance of Properties. Our goal is to become a reference as a company of quality facilities and services with guarantees, applying fair prices to the work carried out.

We are fervent followers of the technological advances, applying in all our facilities the latest technologies for a perfect operation, maximizing in all our installations the efficiency of the equipment, to take care of the environment and also the economy of our clients.

Since our inception, we have been expanding the catalog of products and services according to the needs that our customers raised, and improving the work done by our competitors.

Our works are backed by the engineering study of each field, guaranteeing the good functioning of the system, but without forgetting the aesthetics, which is very present in all our projects.

We offer written guarantees of our products and installations, and we respond to this, even before the resolution of the manufacturers. Offering clients temporary alternatives so that their systems continue to work during the repair.

In CANTARRANA we are happy to serve you and we do everything in our power to keep our clients loyal, hoping to be partners in many projects throughout our activity.